Website on Italian via ferrata mountain routes. More than 370 listings enabling users to filter and find the best mountain route for their needs. Website is live since September 2018 and it's ranking very well Fundamental the site structure and permalink.

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General Customization

For all listings I implemented webcam (, weather (, google maps directions, ecc.



Performance Optimization

I use Swift Lite plugin for cache and their "plugin organizer" for deactivating plugins on a page-by-page base. This improves dramatically the num bers of server call in heavy pages.

A3 Lazy Load for avoiding loading iframes right away.

Further I changed the image size in the Explorer page. In the child theme I changed the image called in these 2 functions: listing-preview.php e listing-quick-view.php from 'large' to 'woocommerce-single' . This means that instead of retrieving the large image for all listings in the explorer page it retrieves a more "appropriate" size, namely the woocommerce-single (max 600px wide).


SEO Optimization

Canonical Attachments plugin to avoid pdf being indexed. This can create duplicate content and actually rank the pdf instead of the page.


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    We are all in this together.

    We are all in this together.