Foodtify, with the meaning of FOOD, Taste It For You. Our mission is to share the places for food lovers which is around you. When you have no idea where to eat, just click on Nearby, Foodtify will suggest you the restaurant or cafe which is around you.

It is not only cafe, restaurant, but also the confectionery & bakery shop, hawker and even mobile food truck.

Besides of places to eat, we will also feature the food deals, it might be a set of meal with discount, a cash voucher and other food deals which are waiting you to discover.

For those who have no time to go out for a meal, you may find the delivery services available in Malaysia, but please be note that the coverage areas might limited, please check first before you decide to place order. is a directory for food places, food deals and food deliveries.


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    We are all in this together.

    We are all in this together.