The One List is an online events directory based in Queensland in Australia. The site aims to be the easiest way to find local event suppliers, venues, cakes, stationery & more.

We are a partnership with a skillset that includes digital marketing, graphic design, website development, proofing and copywriting services.


The One List - Kate

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General Customization

We've carried out a number of custom modifications in-house. The main customisations include:

  • Custom search on main homepage - created with UberMenu
  • Custom landing pages for each parent category so users have a streamlined experience selecting listers according to their requirements

We have carried out all design work in-house and in addition to design skills we have an English teacher as part of the partnership so we are qualified for copywriting and proofing.

SEO Optimization

We engaged a developer to optimise the site prior to launch.

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    We are all in this together.

    We are all in this together.